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    webSPELL is a free Content Management System which was especially developed for the needs of esport related communities. Since a short while we are also offering an optimized and enhanced webSPELL version for the special requirements of non-profit organisations. The purpose of both systems is to offer a professional and free opportunity to create and administrate your own website in an easy and optimized way.

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  • Team » webSPELL association meeting 2014
    19.09.2014 - 16:33, written by blue.tiger
    This weekend from 19.09.-21.09. is our annual meeting, this time in Dresden. We will work on a webSPELL 4.3 release, and we hope to have it finished within the next few days.
    Like all the previous years, we would like to have a few beers with you guys. If you happen to be in Dresden during this time, feel free to get in touch with us.


    General News » webSPELL 5 Development stop, webSPELL 4 RC
    29.11.2013 - 17:05, written by blue.tiger
    As you can see, there has been no further information about our developer meeting back in September, despite the several announcements.
    That's mainly because internally we couldn't come to a broad agreement about how the development should be continued.
    It was also clearly visible that the activity on the site has been drastically decreased, which on one part is down to us not doing any new releases, on the other hand the lack of interest of the users. Fact is: All the developers in our team did not find enough time the last few months to work on webSPELL 5.

    Because of that, we decided to pause the development of webSPELL 5, at least for now. At this point we cannot say if and how we will continue with the development, but are considering adding new developers to the team who are interested and dedicated. It is not about the knowledge, as we know that there is not much interest as a developer to do non-profit work, and we have enough competency to show new developers the ropes.
    webSPELL 5 was on a good way conceptual wise, but the creation of modules usually failed time wise.
    An open further development is not possible at the moment, as there are too many conceptual points in the code not done yet, and as such a moderation and code review of new implementations are necessary.

    webSPELL 4 however has a Release candidate ready, which was also not released because of timely aspects. As already announced in the forum and on the blog, was the focus for this release to integrate an anti spam function as well as some bug fixes.
    Originally we had no plans to release a new version, but it seemed to be necessary because of the on-going spam discussion.

    We are sorry that we can't give any more specific information at the moment, but timed milestones couldn't be adhered to within the last few months from all of the team members, and as such an exact schedule is not feasible. But we try to publish the next webSPELL4 release in a timely manner.


    Addons » webSPELL association meeting 2013
    20.09.2013 - 20:02, written by blue.tiger
    Our yearly meeting of the webSPELL e.V. is happening next week. This time in Munich, from the 27. to the 29. of September, we are going to discuss the further actions around webSPELL. One of many topics will be the webspell.org site itself, including the current situation in the community and foremost the development of webSPELL 5. That's why we will also hold a internal developers meeting from 25. - 26. of September.

    As you might have noticed, it became very silent around webSPELL at the moment, but we are still working on the development. If anyone is interested in a Developer-Meet'n'Greet, you might have a chance to find a few of us on the Oktoberfest.

    As usual, news about the event will be posted on our Blog


    General News » Happy new year
    31.12.2012 - 12:57, written by blue.tiger
    webSPELL e.V. wishes all club members and users a happy new year! 2013 will bring some news around webSPELL -stay tuned.


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