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    webSPELL is a free Content Management System which was especially developed for the needs of esport related communities. Since a short while we are also offering an optimized and enhanced webSPELL version for the special requirements of non-profit organisations. The purpose of both systems is to offer a professional and free opportunity to create and administrate your own website in an easy and optimized way.

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  • Webspell Release » webSPELL 4.2.5 Release (Hotfix)
    13.02.2016 - 21:17, written by derchris
    This release fixes a SQL injection in the Cash Box.


    If you are not doing a full re-install, replace the following files from this release on your Webspace:


    This fix will also be included in the next coming release.


    General News » Happy new year 2016
    07.01.2016 - 16:40, written by derchris
    To all webSPELL users, we wish you a happy new year 2016.

    It has been very quite from our side over the last few weeks.
    We are still looking at getting a new release out at some point, but due to human nature, we cannot set a time when this will be happening.
    There have been some engagement from users in testing the current development version, which is not as easy as one would think.
    Also bugs are being reported on our GitHub Issue Tracker

    So I started to create some Contribution guidelines, and also an easy way to develop/test the current source we are working on:

    Contribution Guidelines

    This is just a starting point for anyone interested in the current status.
    If time allows we will also package the current source into a alpha/beta release for installation on websites.

    Also thanks to all the various translations made.
    We have now more completed translations than in any previous version.
    Looking forward to get all of them translated.

    All the best, and lets hope all goes to plan.


    Webspell Release » Translations for upcoming release
    23.04.2015 - 20:15, written by derchris
    We are close to finish a new release
    Because of all the changes, there are several new and modified language files.
    So we need translators for our roughly 35 languages.

    As a result we created a project on Crowdin to keep better track of the work:


    You can register and take an active part in doing translations..
    On there you can see which languages are not yet 100% translated, and add translation suggestions online.

    Up to date status:



    Webspell Release » webSPELL 4.2.4 Release (Hotfix)
    28.01.2015 - 19:05, written by derchris
    With this release it is possible again to create Awards, Calendar entries, Challenges, Clanwars and Demos for 2015 and beyond.


    If you are not going to do a full-reinstall, you can just replace the modified files:


    Advanced users can have a look at the changes here.

    Meanwhile we are still working on the next big release, which so far has 778 Commits and over 13.000 changed lines of code.

    Translators needed

    Because of the majority of code changes, we also need to change and add Translations. We are seeking help from people who can speak any other language beside German and English. Please report in the comments, PN any of the Developers or direct in the Github Issue.

    For those who already downloaded the 4.2.4 release, please re-download, as there was an issue with the provided archive.


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