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    webSPELL is a free Content Management System which was especially developed for the needs of esport related communities. Since a short while we are also offering an optimized and enhanced webSPELL version for the special requirements of non-profit organisations. The purpose of both systems is to offer a professional and free opportunity to create and administrate your own website in an easy and optimized way.

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  • » mod_rewrite Support
    25.12.2013 - 15:15, written by Philipp
    We plan to add mod_rewrite support to webSPELL 4.3 .
    But before we can do this we need to have a stable testing tool to detect support for mod_rewrite.

    It would be nice if you could test the following script on your webserver and report if it is working correct.


    » webSPELL 4.3 Changes
    20.12.2013 - 22:33, written by Philipp
    As you have noticed we have stopped the development of webSPELL 5 for the moment. But we are working on webSPELL 4.3 with some nice features:
    • Spam-Filtering:
      Every Post (Comment/Forum) can be validated against an external server. Currently we are running the only server, but the api is very easy, so others could create an alternative server. Blocked posts will be saved in an queue, so you can check them manuell. We are already running with these changes here on webspell.org and notice much less spam.
    • Mysqli-Extension:
      We now use the mysqli-extension instead of mysql-extension to connect to the mysql server. It was necessary to switch to this api because the old mysql-extension will be dropped from PHP. Unfortunately this breaks compatibility with all addons which use mysql_* functions, but it is easy to fix it.
    • new Languages:
      Thanks to BVBPower for the following translations: arabic, bosnian, estonian, georgian, latvian, macedonian, persian, romanian, russian, serbian, slovenian
    • custom Dateformat:
      Thanks to pyst4r for his patches which allow each user to use a different date format.


    You can find the current source code on Github but it is not meant for productive use

    » Those damn spammers
    28.03.2013 - 14:12, written by derchris
    I think we should ban these people on the screenshot.
    Look at their massive spam counts lächeln


    Early bird view on the upcoming Spam add-on

    » Development thoughts
    13.03.2013 - 02:12, written by blue.tiger
    Because some of you asked for more information about webSPELL 5 development, I want to share some details.

    A few months ago we talked about ORM-Tools to integrate one in the all new webSPELL core. After discussing some licensing issues we decided to use Spot by Vance Lucas. At this point thanks for sharing this great mapping tool!

    Yesterday during our weekly webSPELL meeting we answered another question for the future of webSPELL. We implemented some performance tests for Gettext support, because we were interested in using some more common language system. Indeed Gettext is fast while loading module's language package (based on .po and pre-compiled .mo files), but search for language index and output is about four times slower than our current language array implementation. So currently we can not see any advantage in comparison to a simple php array. Does anybody see some benefit?


    This example benchmark shows the required time for gettext and language array implementation for 100 modules with 100 variables printed per module (=> 10.000 outputs).

    echo "test";

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